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Call it fate that brought me over 2000 miles to meet the woman of my dreams. In that point in my life I never thought that I would ever feel what true love is. I truly believe good things come to those who wait...." - Angelo AJ 
"I am so blessed to be loved by you. When I met you I never thought that you'd be this important to me. I didn't think a lot like this would be possible for me, that you'd meet a true life partner who I can truly be myself... " - Eileen Cahatol

We've known Eileen for a quite a while now. Saw her in a lot of weddings... be it a bridesmaid, a coordinator or a guest, She would always wear those gorgeous smile. When Ei and AJ booked us for her wedding, we were flattered and at the same time pressured. How can we make such a great love story reflect how this two beautiful souls be one. After we show the sde, we saw smiles, laughter and tears..we knew we did our job. And a tight hug from Eileen, "I knew I never wanted anyone but you." 



Videography: Knotty Arts Studio
Preparation: Crowne Plaza Saddle Brook
Church: Immaculate Conception Church Montclair NJ
Venue: Westmount Country Club
Coordinator: Shade E. Coleman of Details Made Simple - Wedding Day Coordinator
Photography: Montenegro Photography
DJ: Ian Ali and Michael Wolk of Lifetime Entertainment
Song: FyrFly Songfreedom

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